Common Mistakes when buying hearing aids – 4. Consider carefully the hearing aid specialist or company you are trusting with your hearing careIn our opinion, analogue and digital are very dated terms when speaking of hearing aids. Research has shown that simply buying the most expensive hearing aid on the market does not guarantee a successful outcome for the wearer.There was a time that the only choices you had when shopping for a hearing aid was analogue or digital. Now we have so many solutions on the market it can be extremely confusing. Some manufacturers have ranges and options that can be configured in thousands of different ways adding to the confusion.

The idea that a hearing aid is a hearing aid and they are all the same is simply untrue. It has been proven that the hardware is only a small piece of the puzzle. The expertise of the hearing aid specialist is critical to the outcome for the patient.

A mid-tier hearing aid that’s been well selected, fitted and tuned will outperform a higher specified hearing aid that’s been badly fitted or tuned.Click Here To Download Your Free E-book

  • Modern hearing aids often have many features which work under the surface to correct and filter the sound before presenting it into the wearer’s ear.
  • These features can come to life automatically or in some cases with a user selecting the feature to activate.
  • Most hearing aids are fitted in quiet clinic or an office environment. This doesn’t mimic the real world or the sound environments that the wearer experiences as troublesome.

Because of this patients have to go through an often longwinded period of trial and error. Coming back to the hearing aid specialist on many occasions for further adjustments and tweaks until either the hearing aid specialist gets it right or the patient gets fed up and leaves. 

This is made even more challenging when the hearing aid is sold at home through a company offering home visits. Once the aids are fitted it can be difficult to get the hearing aid specialist back for tune ups. 

We work hard to ensure the sound you receive is correct for you in quiet environments and in noisy situations. To do this surround sound is incorporated in our clinics to simulate the specific places you struggle to hear in. 

Your hearing aids can be adjusted to ensure that speech clarity and comfort in noise is optimised before you leave the clinic. Download your free e-book to find out more about the 7 common mistakes people make when purchasing hearing aids:[uncode_block id=”51138″ inside_column=”yes”]

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