Your custom hearing aids should fit your requirements and be able to adapt to your hearing needs.When choosing the right hearing aid for you, looking for the appropriate device that makes your hearing solution look as discreet as possible is for most a primary consideration.Last week one of our consultants had the pleasure of fitting another set of Phonak B90-10 IIC custom hearing devices. The gentleman was moving over from a standard set of NHS behind the ear hearing aids.

When building custom hearing aids the faceplate colour choice can be one of the most important factors. One of the most common issues is getting the right “finish”.

The left hand picture below shows the clients ear “empty” with no hearing aid. Note that the ear canal has a large area of dark shading (behind the tragus).

The right hand picture shows the same client wearing a B90-10 IIC with a black faceplate. You can hardly see the aid inside the ear canal. This premium effect is greatly improved by using a black faceplate to tie in with ear canal shading. It’s always very satisfying to achieve this level of aesthetics without compromising sound quality.

Finding the right looking device is just one of the aspect that should be considered by a hearing aid wearer.The Hearing Clinic UK provides full diagnostic hearing assessments. There are a variety of hearing solutions available from all of our hearing centres right across the United Kingdom.

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