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Our Mission

It is not a small mission, but thankfully we have never been accused of thinking small. Our mission is bold, it’s daring, and some people may say it cannot be done. Those people haven’t worked for The Hearing Clinic UK.

The Hearing Clinic UK is built around the concept of family and that everyone should feel supported and included. This includes everything from the tools they work with to the patients they take care of and the co-workers they share a laugh with. To that end we aim to empower all our staff with the belief that given the right support and training, they truly can change worlds.

Exciting challenges lie ahead – new clinics, locations and constantly advancing technology. We are sitting front row and saving you a seat. Join us today!

Core Values

To bring our vision to life we are guided by our core values so that we can meet these challenges head on, united as a team.


Live your best life!

At The Hearing Clinic UK, we truly believe you cannot do a good job, if your job is all you do. We want to make sure all our staff are well rested, get to enjoy their passions and that they have the financial resources and support they need!

  • Competitive salary and achievable monthly bonuses.
  • Company pension.
  • Healthcare and Mental health support
  • Strictly Monday – Friday 9am-5pm
  • Full holiday entitlement and public holidays
  • Sector leading work/life balance
  • World class clinical rooms and Central locations.