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Not every hearing aid retailer is the same!It’s crucial you choose a reputable organisation when buying a hearing aid. A clinical practice with experienced, professional audiologists will normally ensure you get value for money.

It can take time and patience to ensure you get the right fit. With this in mind, if your retailer doesn’t conduct a full examination and test, you’re probably in the wrong place.Look carefully at the package your retailer is offering.  Your hearing aid will need regular adjustments as your brain begins to get used to the assistance being provided.  Often the aftercare package is as important as the hearing aid itself. Make sure you take advantage of any comprehensive aftercare program is in place.

Go independent.  Some retailers are ‘tied’ to certain brands so may have to try to sell you something that doesn’t quite address your particular problem.

For more information and independent advice on hearing aids and what will work for you, book an appointment at one of our hearing clinics, or call: 0333 320 7788

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