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Hearing loss tends to sneak up on people. Trauma can lead to sudden loss of hearing but for the most part it’s very gradual.That’s probably why it takes, on average, seven years from when a person first notices hearing loss to when they actually seek treatment. This is why people then wonder, am I loosing my hearing?

Some people have difficulty hearing specific voices in a crowded room. Others have to turn the volume up on the TV, whilst some have difficulty hearing people on the phone. These are all possible signs of a developing problem.  It’s better to get it diagnosed early to ensure treatments and therapies can be designed to manage it most effectively.

Hearing loss can have a devastating impact on a person’s life. Therefore it is important to seek professional help at the earliest possible opportunity.  A great first step is to take an online assessment – 15 simple questions that when answered honestly can provide you and an audiologist with the information required to get the best possible treatment, therapy or solution.

Tests are FREE and take just a few minutes.  You can choose to send your score and contact details directly to our friendly team of highly qualified Audiologists who will contact you to arrange a comprehensive hearing test in our state-of-the-art Sound Lounge. With our expertise, and many years of looking after patients with a variety of hearing loss issues, you will no longer have to worry about losing your hearing, but instead enjoy better, more enriched hearing with The Hearing Clinic UK. Remember, your hearing loss could simply be a build-up of wax, easily and painlessly treated with microsuction, but if it is more serious, our treatment and rehabilitation programs will help you manage your problem discreetly and effectively.

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