baby first hearing aid

Learn from a baby? Yep, you read that right!

Have a watch at this little boy, Lachlan hearing for the first time:


Now for the breakdown:

1. Experimenting with the new

Although babies are very early on in the learning and development process, the speed at which they learn is extremely fast. Their curiosity allows them to try new things and reap the rewards for doing so.

As we become older we tend to ‘get comfortable’ with what we have got – even though what we’ve got may be in a gradual decline over a long period of time so much that we don’t know what we have lost.

We need to look at our situation as if we are at the beginning, all of the time.

Ask yourself: “If this is what I’ve got, then what would I do right now?”

In fact, an even more important question may be: “What have I actually got?”

Understand where your current levels of health are at and consider experimenting to reap your own rewards.

2. Adjustment time

In the case of Lachlan here, he adapted very quickly to his new hearing aids, but as we noted earlier, when you know something so well that any change can be unfamiliar, then it is going to feel a bit awkward to start off with.

When we realise that the familiarisation phase can take a bit of getting used to, you will be able to reap the long term rewards of a better life.

Everything takes a bit of getting used to and hearing aids are no different, but by choosing the right fit for you, you can reduce the time it takes to get the sensation you want most.

3. Embracing new feeling

Did you notice the moment in the video after Lachlan has an initial struggle to grasp with the new feeling of wearing hearing aids that he suddenly opened his eyes in awe of what his ears could do.

In a similar way, we need to realise that being given these new sounds again can really change the way you live your life. Hearing a vastly wider range of tones can give you more scope of understanding emotion that your friends and family are conveying to you in a conversation.

AND SOMETIMES, like Lachlan, hearing these voices properly for the first time can be a bit emotional.

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