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Hearing AssessmentDon’t let your hearing fall into disrepair

Over the past 13 years of my career as an audiologist, I have realised the most important thing when it comes to hearing health is to get regular health check ups. Like any part of your body, when you leave it unmaintained, then it can fall into disrepair and hearing is very much the same.


Reason 1: Understanding what you’ve got

As the old saying goes, you never really know where you are going until you know where you are.

A hearing health check will allow you to see your hearing mapped out right in front of you; frequency by frequency. You’ll be able to easily understand what frequencies still work well and also which ones have fallen down.

Not only that, but if you bring in a friend or family member who you speak with regularly, you’ll have a chance to find out which words that you are hearing clearly and those that you aren’t quite getting through an advanced speech mapping analysis.

The Hearing Health Check Report that you take away will allow you the understanding that when you do ask people to repeat, you’ll know exactly why – is it their mumbling or is it your ears?

Reason 2: Knowing where you are goingHearing Map

Forecasting where your hearing is going is incredibly important. By attending an annual hearing check, you can chart the direction of frequencies that will be available in the future. Although everyone’s hearing tends to come down as they get older due to noise exposure, illness and ageing, this analysis allows you to find out if the loss is at a worrying level.

As we mentioned earlier, a hearing check allows you to identify where you are. This is great, but even better is a forecast. Just as a captain of a ship will read their map to navigate away from rocks and icebergs that fall upon their trajectory, your hearing healthcare professional will point out to you where you are going so that you too can avoid losing the important sounds in your life.

Reason 3: Finding out what you can do to hear better

Many people are frustrated by the fact that they can’t hear. They say “Oh, it’s my hearing. It’s come down a bit over the past few years”. They can’t hear the television clearly. They can’t hear their partner, friends and family. They miss out on group conversations due to background noise, BUT they don’t realise that there are options out there to allow them to re-engage in ALL OF THOSE SITUATIONS. Often these symptoms can be remedied very easily using a ear wax microsuction cleaning treatment, other times more assistance is required.

The most important thing though is to know for yourself and stay in control of your own health habits.

If you feel that you or someone you know could benefit from a hearing health check, then call us today and we’ll be happy to see you.

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