Are you listening?

We’re all guilty of it.

We’ve all got wrapped up in the manic hustle and bustle of our daily lives so much so that we forget to stop and check in with ourselves. We’ve ignored that pain in our lower back that tells us we should take things easier. We brush off the bags under our eyes and promise ourselves we’ll get more sleep tonight.

But what about the things we can’t see?

What about when you pick up the phone and see ‘2 missed calls’ even though you never heard the phone ring. Or when your daughter walks into the kitchen in a huff because she was calling you from upstairs for ‘ages’. These are the little signs that we tend to ignore, yet they are clues that our hearing may need to be checked.

While we are often aware of the direct implications of hearing loss such as missed calls or irate children, it is the hidden mental battles that can be the most debilitating. Some people with hearing loss are aware there’s a problem, but are scared face the issue for fear they become a burden to their family and friends. These people tend to be the ones most affected by the mental toll of hearing loss.

They can be plagued by feelings of frustration, worthlessness and even isolation. It’s that once bubbly friend who is now quiet and reclusive or your golf partner who hasn’t missed a game in twenty years and is suddenly finding excuses to cancel.

When our friends or family are under the weather we are the first to recommend they see a doctor, yet when it is ourselves we attempt to power through it. ‘It’ll be better in the morning’ we say and ignore the fact that our body is telling us something is wrong and we need to listen.

There are solutions to hearing loss, there are specialists and treatments and all manner of routes you can take but the most important step on anyone’s hearing journey is acceptance, and the easiest way to accept hearing loss is to have a support system ready to help you through it.

This World Health Day make sure you are checking in with the people in your life who mean the most to you. Keep an eye out for signs they may be struggling with their hearing and make sure you are there to lend a supportive shoulder, listen to their worries and frustrations or even open up about your own fears.

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