Hearing loss can feel overwhelming, having the comfort of a familiar face during your appointments can make things easier

For some people accepting they have hearing loss and require treatment can be daunting. We always recommend that you bring along a family member or a friend to your appointment – especially to your first appointment as a familiar face and someone who has experienced the trouble you have with your hearing can help ease your worries.

To fully understand the benefit of bringing a friend or loved one to your appointment read on.

They have insight into your hearing loss

When we suffer with hearing loss, we can often feel isolated and alone, as if no one understands the problems we are facing. This couldn’t be further from the truth, your loved ones have seen your struggle, they have been there for moments when your hearing was at its worst, and they have a special insight that could prove invaluable when treating your hearing loss.

You may not notice how frequently you turn the volume of the TV up or how often you miss phone calls and the doorbell, but if they have picked up on it, they can inform your audiologist which can help in diagnosis and treatment.

It impacts them too

You may feel as if your hearing loss is your battle and yours alone, however it also impacts those closest to you. On numerous occasions we have sat with our patients as their loved ones explain how their hearing loss has also impacted their lives. This discussion gives both parties a chance to explain how they are feeling, express concerns and communicate clearly in a safe unbiased space.

The support of your loved ones is essential when treating your hearing loss and keeping them involved in decisions and diagnosis can greatly strengthen bonds.

You’ll get a lot of Information

Treating hearing loss is a journey. Everyone’s hearing loss is different and when it comes to treatment and hearing aids it isn’t a case of one size fits all. At your appointments your audiologist will try to ascertain where your hearing is most essential to you based on lifestyle and other factors as well as understanding the level of hearing loss you are experiencing.

There are numerous treatments and solutions to your hearing problems, and you will be given a lot of information. The Hearing Clinic UK makes every effort to ensure things are easy to understand and that you have all the facts.

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