Which? Magazine, published by the Consumers’ Association, is the go-to publication for anyone who wants help making confident, informed purchasing decisions.  Its impartial reviews highlight the best (and worst) across a wide range of products and services.

The Hearing Clinic UK are Independent Hearing Aid Retailers

Which? Magazine is a strong advocate of independent hearing aid retailers, like The Hearing Clinic UK, when it comes to hearing healthcare.

Primarily this is because independent retailers are not tied to any particular brand, meaning they can give truly impartial advice.  This is crucial when it comes to choosing a hearing aid as there are so many variations in the market.

Linx2Independent hearing aid retailers can also be very competitive on price.  Lower overheads, price setting responsibility and a focus on best advice often means consumers get the very best solution for their needs.  The last thing an independent retailer wants is a string of unhappy customers filling up the appointment book!

Transparency is another reason to go independent.  The Hearing Clinic UK provides customers with a comprehensive breakdown of costs and aftercare services.  And with a rehabilitation program recognised as world class, patients can be confident they are receiving excellent value for money.

Here’s a useful check list to take with you when you’re making a hearing aid purchase.  This should help you ensure you are getting the product and levels of customer service you expect:

  • Have you been shown a selection of hearing aids that could work for you?
  • What are the guarantees like? do they offer up to 5 year warranties?
  • What about servicing? do they offer unlimited or restricted aftercare?
  • Do they offer home visit services if you are unable to manage to their branches?
  • Is there a finance agreement available, and if so what is the APR being charged?
  • Where can you go if you have a question or complaint?
  • Are the retailers or providers owned or affiliated with a single supplier?
  • Can you thoroughly “try before you buy”?
  • Are they selling out of date products?
  • Are the hearing aids locked to their clinics stopping you from having them adjusted elsewhere?
  • Is the prescriptive correction required for your hearing loss measured correctly before you leave the branch?
  • How well qualified are the staff assessing and fitting your devices?
  • Are you being pitched a product they have simply as its on special offer or because it is the very best for your hearing situation?
  • Can you trade in your old devices if your hearing situation changes after the initial money back guarantee period is over?
  • Do you have to go elsewhere to have earwax removed if a blockage occurs?


These are all very important questions to ask and many can be overlooked at the initial stages of purchasing new hearing aids.


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