Have you ever just watched a child being themselves?  Living in the moment.

It’s a concept that many of us lose after we ‘grow up. 

I want to tell you about a time when I was running in a competition – about aged 10 or so.

It was a huge Olympic size circuit and there were 8 laps standing between me and the finish line.

The starter gun shot and I was off! I really enjoyed running at that age. The thrill of pushing yourself, but at the same time, the anticipation of knowing that pace is a necessity to reaching the finishing line without burning out.

My hair was blowing in the wind and I felt intensely happy. BUT, thoughts began to drift into my mind.

I started thinking back to the starter’s line. The competition – some were bigger boys who looked the part. They were wearing the top running gear at the time. And, for a moment as I was running, I pictured these boys and I was intimidated; worried even.

I didn’t want to entertain these thoughts for too long as I knew they were distracting me from my breathe control and maintaining my pace, but alas I needed to quell their need for an understanding of the competition.

I had a look all around the circuit expecting to be close to the front – maybe third out of the eight or so competitors.

But, I was rather surprised to see that I was first – and not just first by a few metres. I was a whole lap ahead of the big boy who I had earlier felt.intimidated by. He had most likely tired himself out early on and struggled to keep up thereafter.

At this point, I now knew that I would win the race – my training had paid off, and I could have slowed down, but I didn’t.

I pushed on, gathering my strength for a final push that landed me a personal best.

Why did I tell that story, you might be asking.

The reason is, I am in the United States at the biggest hearing relates conference of the year to learn new techniques of giving patients the sounds they need, giving the best patient experience so they feel absolutely at ease and understanding the new functionality of the latest devices available on the market.

It’s the one chance per year to get a really good look around. And just like at that race all those years ago, I realised that  my clinic is miles ahead of the rest of the pack.

We came here to learn the secrets and ended up giving helpful nuggets of advice to hearing clinics from all around the world.

It’s funny. The whole ‘living in the moment’ thing. Loving what you are doing. Enjoying every moment. It really has a huge impact on your success.

I’ll no doubt have some more updates over the next few days.

I have a big announcement in my next post so stay tuned!

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