What is Earwax, and why is it there?

Granted earwax is not sexy but it is essential to maintain your aural health.  Removing it without expert knowledge can cause damage, but safe removal is possible and can solve some minor hearing problems.

Lots of people wonder what is Earwax. Well Earwax, or cerumen, is made up of dead skin cells, cholesterol, naturally occurring alcohols, lysozyme enzyme, and fatty acids among other things.  I told you it wasn’t sexy.

Most of the time it is really useful stuff, so unless it is causing hearing loss or pain (through an excessive build up, for example) it should be left alone to do its thing.  It will work its way out of the ear and simply gets washed away when you’re in the shower. If it does need to be removed, seek professional advice as damaging your eardrum by compacting the wax is not recommended.

Earwax’s main job is to protect the ear.  The ear is open and vulnerable and foreign bodies can easily get inside. Earwax catches the dust, bugs, germs, and bacteria before it can do any damage or cause an infection. As I said, it might not be sexy, but like a hulking great centre back or a prop forward, it does its job very effectively. It’s also pretty good at keeping water out of the ear when swimming or bathing avoiding irritation in the ear and possible infection.

What is Earwax, and why is it there?

So, leave it if they only problem it’s causing is a slight nausea when you see it, but come and see us if you think the build-up is becoming a pain.

The Hearing Clinic UK offers quick and painless earwax removal using microsuction.


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