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Our Stirling hearing clinic

The go to place for all of your hearing needs.

At our Stirling hearing clinic we are pleased to offer most solutions to your hearing needs. We have been a part of the local community for a number of years, previously seeing patient at local opticians and pharmacies.

Our improved hearing clinic in Stirling provides you with our full range of hearing healthcare services, which include hearing aids, tinnitus treatments and microsuction ear wax removal. We also carry out home visits for those who aren’t quite so mobile.

People who suffer from hearing loss often can lost or isolated and missing the conversation. Hearing aids can help but in some circumstances you simply could have issues with ear wax. Our experienced team of audiologists are here to help you.

We can discuss your hearing requirements however complex they might be. We would love to hear from you so why not give us a call and make a booking.

"During both clinic appointments I was given all the information I needed in a clear, non-patronising way.  Nothing was rushed and all my questions were answered in full.  I could hardly believe that I would be allocated a whole hour for hearing assessment but lots of time was spent on listening to my worries and answering all queries."


John - Stirling

Hear Clear In 2020 - Microsuction Ear Wax Removal - £60 at our UK wide Hearing Clinics

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COVID-19 Update - The Hearing Clinic UK are here to support you (Updated 01/07/2020)

We are ready to take appointments at our Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling clinics for Emergency Patients.

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What services are available at our

Stirling hearing clinic:

Noise Protection Device and Impressions

Pure Tone Audiometry

Video-Camera Outer Ear Examination

Tympanometry middle ear assessment

Bone Conduction Audiometry inner ear assessment

Speech Discrimination

Speech in Noise Discrimination

BUPA accredited

Medical Legal Assessment

Exclusive SoundLounge Experience powered by Bose

Visible Speech Mapping

Hearing Device Comparison

Hearing Device Repair and Loan

Flexible Payment Options Available

Visit our clinic in Stirling today to experience the best, and most comprehensive hearing test service available in your area. Whatever you hearing requirements are, our dedicated team of clinical audiologists can assist you. We are able to offer you the very best impartial advice for your hearing needs.

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What Services

Does The Hearing Clinic UK Offer?

We offer at our Stirling hearing clinic  a complete range of specialist hearing services to our clients. These range from hearing aid and hearing test services, to micro suction ear wax removal. You can be assured that The Hearing Clinic UK will be here to help you solve your hearing problems.

Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

Ear Wax Microsuction is the safest, most effective way of cleaning wax build up. The procedure uses a sophisticated microscope which provides a magnified light source enabling for the delicate removal of obstructions to the ear.

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Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids

Today's advanced hearing aids are highly sophisticated devices delivering an array of innovative features, giving you the best, most precise and natural hearing experience available at any hearing clinic in the UK.

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The Lyric Hearing Aid

Often referred to as ‘the contact lens for the ear’, the Lyric is fitted deep inside the ear canal and is worn comfortably 24 hours a day, for months at a time. The Lyric invisible hearing aid is entirely invisible to the naked eye, and can be worn whilst showering, exercising and sleeping.

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The Sound Lounge Key Image

The Sound Lounge

Discover the latest innovation at The Hearing Clinic UK, the Sound Lounge, where we can accurately map your hearing requirements, and show you exactly what your new audio devices can do.

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