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Hear Clear In 2020 - Microsuction Ear Wax Removal - £60 at our UK wide Hearing Clinics

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COVID-19 Update - The Hearing Clinic UK are here to support you (Updated 28/05/2020)

We are ready to take appointments at our central Glasgow Clinic for Emergency Patients.

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Tinnitus treatments

Get relief from tinnitus the range of treatments by The Hearing Clinic UK

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Tinnitus Treatment Solutions

What Can We Do For You?

Tinnitus is the medical term to describe noises heard either in one ear, both ears or in the head. The sounds heard can vary from person to person, but the common link is that they don’t have an external source:

  • More than five million people in the UK have tinnitus.
  • It is not a disease or an illness; in most cases, it’s a symptom of a problem within the hearing system.

Research has shown that tinnitus can be linked to several things, including:

Hearing loss

Exposure to loud noise


Ear or head injuries

Some ear conditions and infections

Stress, metabolic & neurological disorders

However, sometimes there is no recognisable link. The exact cause of tinnitus is not yet fully understood and research is ongoing.

Contact The Hearing Clinic UK Today About Our Range Of Tinnitus Treatments

How Can

The Hearing Clinic UK Help Me?

Tinnitus treatments

The first step in treating any tinnitus condition is to discover what may be causing it. One of the challenges in evaluating what my be causing tinnitus and treating it, is that everyone experiences it differently. Measuring this is a subjective experience is very difficult for a lot of hearing practices to undertake. At The Hearing Clinic UK, our hearing care professionals are widely experienced in diagnosing tinnitus, and can help diagnose your specific issues. At a consultation we will start by asking lots of questions about your symptoms such as:

  • How long have you been suffering from this condition?
  • Is it intermittent or constant?
  • Is it worse at certain points of the day?
  • Is it a pulsating sensation?
  • In which ear do you hear the tinnitus? Or do you have the symptoms in both?
  • How loud is the noise?
  • Is it a high or low pitched noise?
  • Do you find the symptoms extremely bothersome or just a little irritating?
  • Are there certain conditions that make it worse such as exposure to noise or certain foods or beverages?
  • Does the sound change at all?

Our hearing care professional will also ask for a report or outline of your medical history. After a thorough discussion of your symptoms and health history, the examination will begin with a visual inspection of your ears and standard behavioral tests of your hearing ability.

Do hearing aids alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus?

Depending on the results of your hearing evaluation with us, you may get a recommendation for one of the following types of tinnitus treatment.

  • If you have some form of hearing loss as well as tinnitus, hearing aids can often provide effective relief from your tinnitus whilst you are wearing them. Many hearing aids devices today even include tinnitus therapy features.
  • Tinnitus masking or noise suppression devices are also a common treatment options for tinnitus sufferers. This type of device is worn in the ear like a hearing aid and produces either a constant signal or tonal beats to compete with the existing sounds you are currently hearing. The hearing care professional will use the pitch matching and loudness matching tests to set the signal at a level and pitch similar to the tinnitus you are perceiving.
  • Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) uses cognitive behavioral therapy in combination with a masking device to help you learn to ignore the background ringing noise in your ears.
  • A free-standing white noise generating machine. The symptoms of tinnitus are generally worse when you’re in a quiet environment, so being able to relax and mask the noise in a room using background sound might be all you need to help you ignore the ringing in your ears.

Hearing aids can be totally invisible with The Lyric Invisible Hearing Aid

Learn more about invisible hearing with The Lyric Hearing Aid

Call Today: 0333 320 7788


The World's First Invisible Hearing Aid

  • Feel part of the conversation again safe in the knowledge that your hearing loss is being treated invisibly
  • The Lyric hearing aid is invisible to the naked eye
  • Often referred to as ‘the contact lens for the ear’, the Lyric is fitted deep inside the ear canal and is worn comfortably 24 hours a day, for months at a time*
  • The Lyric invisible hearing aid is entirely invisible to the naked eye, and can be worn whilst showering**, exercising and sleeping.
  • "When it absolutely has to be the smallest solution nothing comes close to the Lyric" Chris Stone Managing Director at The Hearing Clinic UK

*Individual patient needs may vary. Lyric is not appropriate for all patients.
**Lyric is water resistant, not waterproof, and should not be completely submerged underwater.

Regain lost hearing with the Worlds Smallest totally Invisible Hearing Aid

No Daily Insertion Or Removal Is Required.

Is Worn 24/7 By The Hearing Aid Patient.

No Maintenance Or Batteries Needed.

The Only Completely Invisible Hearing Aid Solution.

Available On A Subscription Basis From The Hearing Clinic UK Today.

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What Can The

Lyric Hearing Device Do For Me?

Approximately one in five adults (12 million people) in Britain today are currently experience hearing difficulties. This figure is expected to rise to one in three by 2025.

Lyric is suitable for patients who have mild to moderate hearing loss and will help meet an ever growing demand from the baby-boomer generation. Also the device is perfect for young-at-heart consumers in their 50s and 60s who want to boost their hearing to stay at their best but don’t want to draw attention to a problem typically associated with ageing.  According to a variety of experts, people currently struggle for 10 years on average with hearing loss before seeking advice. This is in large part due to the social stigma and inconvenience associated with traditional hearing devices required for this invisible disability.

Why is this device unique?

Unlike any other type of hearing aid device on the market today, Lyric’s sound quality is clean and undistorted.  It is placed in the ear canal by a hearing aid audiologist that is specially trained in implanting and configuring the Lyric hearing aid. There are currently only a select few locations in Scotland that are trained to provide this device, with the procedure taking just a few minutes, with no need for surgery or anaesthesia.

With Lyric, there are no batteries to change, no maintenance is needed, and no daily insertion or removal is required. Users need only visit their audiologist every few months, whereupon Lyric is quickly and easily replaced with a new device.  Using a magnetic adjustment tool, users can adjust the volume themselves and turn the device on and off.

Because of the deep placement of the device in the ear canal, there are also other wide ranging advantages. These includes retaining the ears natural ability to tell where sounds are coming from, reduced or eliminated whistling, huge reduction of wind noises, and the ability to use ear-level devices such as a telephone or in the ear headphones just like you would normally.

Chris Stone (Director of the Hearing Clinic UK) says; “The Lyric invisible hearing aid is a major advancement in hearing aid technology. The technological breakthoughs ensure people who are hard of hearing and very conscious about wearing a hearing device have the freedom to hear better in an invisible way. Combining the two best elements of this hearing aid, its tiny size with the latest micro-technology the Lyric provides users with the opportunity to get the very best from their hearing.”

Frequently Asked Questions

About Lyric

Lyric can be worn when swimming but we do recommend that you use swim plugs if you wish to place your head under the water. We are happy to supply these with your initial fitting of lyric.

Wax can cause problems with any hearing aid so it is important to keep your ears as clear of wax as you can. We offer microsuction wax removal and can safely and comfortably remove any build up prior to inserting your Lyric.

We only offer Lyric from our main centre in Glasgow at this moment however we are able to offer free lyric assessments at all of our clinics. The reason for this is we require the use of highly specialised equipment (notably an ENT microscope and other specialised fitting and tuning equipments) which are located in our main centre.

Lyric Hearing Aid

Client Testimonials

First hand feedback from a recent Lyric wearers:
  • Its about confidence. I would regularly go into meetings and simply smile, nod not knowing half of what the person I was speaking to was saying. Really I was just bluffing my way through. My wife would be my ears and thankfully she would repeat what others across the table were saying to give me a chance to keep up with conversations. The problem is that I'm still 18 at heart though I'm really 55... so admitting that my hearing was far from perfect took me a long time. - Mr Greig, Glasgow
  • I've been to several hearing specialists who tried various devices and everytime I returned them due to the fact that I was paranoid my friends and family would see them. I know its stupid but that's the honest truth... yes, they helped but I'm not ready to admit to the world I wear hearing aids. - Mr Roberts, Glasgow
  • Naturally I was apprehensive about the though of yet another visit to the hearing specialist to go through a no-doubt unsuccessful trial of hearing aids. But, much to my surprise these devices have really hit the nail on the head. - Mr Faulkes, Bearsden
  • They are SO small, I mean ridiculously small and they sit so far in the ear that not even my husband can see them when she sits beside me round a dinner table. I feel confident no one will unearth my secret! - Mrs Harris, Newton Mearns, Glasgow
  • The close contact I have with the specialists at The Hearing Clinic UK has been entirely different from the consultations I've been through elsewhere. And believe me I've been around many of the national chains and several smaller independent clinics.In a word they just get it and put me at immediate ease when I visited their clinic in Bath Street - it was night and day compared to the other companies who you will no doubt know the names of. - Mr Jones, Cumbernauld
  • The hearing test was superior, the understanding of my problems deeper and the chance to trial the Lyric for a month without being forced to sign up to anything was very surprising and welcome. I think the main thing that really took me by surprise was how comfortable and natural they sounded... just like my old ears did and not like a person speaking through a microphone. - Mrs Curtis, Stirling
  • Needless to say I'm a very happy customer and its testament to the Lyric device and the service of my new specialist team at The Hearing Clinic UK. Its the best money I spent on myself this year apart from the new set of Callaway golf clubs I'm looking forward to enjoying if the weather ever improves! - Mr B Love, Glasgow

Our Clients Are Important To Us

The Hearing Clinic UK is pleased to offer the Lyric Invisible Hearing Aid. We encourage our clients to provide us with honest feedback about the services we offer. We were pleased to publish real client testimonials from our our clinics right across the United Kingdom.

Hear Clearly with The Hearing Clinic UK using our Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Technique

Microsuction ear wax removal technique to clear ears

Call Today: 0333 320 7788

Ear Wax Removal

Using Microsuction

  • Unblock your ears quickly, safely and gently with our incredible ear wax microsuction technique.
  • The microsuction removal treatment is a far more gentle procedure than other types of ear wax removal, you can come back far more regularly for treatment.
  • Suitable for patients who are about to fly, are already hearing aid users, have previous ear drum damage or have impacted ear wax.

Hear Clear In 2020 - Microsuction Ear Wax Removal - £60 at our UK wide Hearing Clinics

Book Your Priority Appointment Now
*Terms and conditions apply

COVID-19 Update - The Hearing Clinic UK are here to support you (Updated 28/05/2020)

We are ready to take appointments at our central Glasgow Clinic for Emergency Patients.

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Microsuction Ear Wax Removal is suitable for:

Urgent removal prior to flying.

Urgent removal prior to diving.

When syringing is unsuitable.

Hearing aid users.

Perforated ear drums.

Impacted ear wax.

The procedure takes between 15 and 40 minutes, depending on whether one or both ears are being treated.

Unblock your ears quickly, safely and gently with our incredible ear wax microsuction technique. Don’t worry about having to block your ears for a week with eardrops. Our new, revolutionary ear wax removal technique only requires drops to be inserted the night before.

Contact The Hearing Clinic Uk Today

What Is

Ear Wax Microsuction?

Ear Wax MicroSuction by The Hearing Clinic UKMicrosuction is the safest, most effective way of cleaning wax build up and any obstruction caused by foreign bodies down the ear canal. The procedure uses a sophisticated microscope which provides a magnified light source enabling the delicate structures of the ear canal to be viewed throughout the whole procedure.

Ear Wax removal using Microsuction is performed with the aid of an operating microscope and a finely calibrated suction device, without the introduction of any materials or liquids.

Microsuction is a very well tolerated by the majority of people, gives you fast results hence it is much more effective than the traditional wax removal methods. It is also SAFE, as the physician can see the structures inside your ear.

It is very rare that people may need wax softening with ear products, commonly olive oil, typically though, most clients manage to have their ears cleared in one session without any wax pre-treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Ear Wax Removal

The treatment can be administered as required. Some clients have the treatment a couple of times a year, others less frequently. As the microsuction removal treatment is a far more gentle procedure than other types of ear wax removal, you can come back far more regularly for treatment. There are clients who attend the clinic around three times a year for routine check up’s.

In most cases we can remove the wax without any softening being required to the microsuction treatment. We do recommend that you place two drops of oil (almond or olive oil are suitable) into your ear the night before your appointment. In the instance that we cannot remove all of the wax, we recommend to return within a week for further treatment.

We only recommend microsuctioning for ear was removal and offer the service at all of their clinic locations. It is even possible to have a home visit if required.

Ear Wax Removal

Client Testimonials

Ear Wax Removal Client Testimonials
  • I have been having my ears syringed annually but honestly can’t stand the feeling of water being forced into my ear canal. My friend told me about the micro suction and at first I was a little apprehensive, but The Hearing Clinic showed me that the wax in my ear could be easily lifted out and it felt so good I couldn’t believe it! No mess, no dizziness, just clean ears and I really feel I can hear much better now! - Mrs Jamieson, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow
  • After two operations to repair my eardrums, I was told that I should never have my ears syringed incase it damaged my eardrums further, so I would regularly attend an ENT clinic for removal. This is the first time I’ve been elsewhere and must say the service was first class! I was in and out in 20 minutes and it cost less than half what I usually pay. They even showed me my ears after the treatment on a video camera and they were spotless! - Mr Manson, Condorrat
  • My wife always mentioned that I had trouble hearing her from a distance and especially in the car. The hearing health check spotted a blockage that's been there for nearly 25 years! I'm now back to 100% again and my wife has never been happier! - Mr Woodrow, Bearsden

Our Clients Are Important To Us

The Hearing Clinic UK aims to offer the best solutions for all types of hearing impairments. We encourage our clients to provide us with honest feedback about the services we offer. We were pleased to publish real client testimonials from our our clinics right across the United Kingdom.

Hearing Products Services

Products and Services for Hearing Loss Treatment

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Products And Services

Available At The Hearing Clinic UK

SOUND – It’s beautiful. Powerful. Magical. And we make it better.

Find out how our patients are now benefiting from the most recent developments in hearing aid technology for hearing loss which include:

  • Up to 29% better speech recognition in noisy environments
  • Up to 35% reduction in size making devices very discreet
  • Clarity and comfort like never before
  • Fully rechargeable solutions so you never need to change batteries again
  • iPhone and Android compatibility to enhance your listening experience
  • We also offer ear wax removal services using microsuction and tinnitus treatments.

Experience for yourself exactly what makes us the UK’s foremost precision Audiologists. Visit one of our leading hearing loss centres and see what the hearing aids can do. We will be more than happy to walk you through just what makes them so special.

Our clinics provide hearing solutions which are designed to fit your lifestyle. If you are looking for a hearing device, these come in a variety of sizes, from tiny, invisible-in-the-ear canal (IIC) models to those which sit-behind-the-ear (BTE). The right hearing instrument style and size depends on several factors, including:

Degree of hearing loss

Listening requirements

Ear shape and size

The users ability to control the instruments

Your lifestyle needs and aesthetic requirements

Contact The Hearing Clinic Uk Today

What Services
Does The Hearing Clinic UK Offer?

One of the biggest questions we are asked, is why choose a private hearing aid clinic? Research has found that selecting the best provider may be the single most important factor in your journey to better hearing.

Why is this so important?

Audiology is a science which over the years has benefited from extensive research. The output from all this research gives our Audiologists a roadmap for best practice which we follow in our clinics. Unfortunately this best practice is not always followed in our profession.

Corners are often cut to meet efficiency, through lack of training, lack of experience or lack of motivation. This means that millions of people are walking around without gaining the maximum from their hearing solution.

Research shows that best results come from fitting hearing aids using Real Ear Probe Microphone Technology – this is the gold standard and one which we meet in each of our world class hearing clinics.

We guarantee that your hearing aids will be fitted to your exact needs. We back this up with our industry leading risk free guarantee – offering you 100 days to make sure they are perfect for you.

Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids

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Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

Read More
Tinnitus treatments

Tinnitus treatments

Read More

Our hearing services also cover:

  • Noise Protection Device and Impressions
  • Free Hearing Checks
  • Diagnostic Hearing Assessment
  • Pure Tone Audiometry
  • Video-Camera Outer Ear Examination
  • Tympanometry middle ear assessment
  • Bone Conduction Audiometry inner ear assessment
  • Speech Discrimination 
  • Speech in Noise Discrimination

  • BUPA accredited
  • Medical Legal Assessment
  • Hearing Device Fitting and Tuning
  • Exclusive Sound Lounge Experience powered by Linn
  • Visible Speech Mapping
  • Hearing Device Comparison
  • Hearing Device Repair and Loan
  • The UK’s Largest Range of Hearing Devices
  • Flexible Payment Options Available

Visit clinic today and you can experience the best, and most comprehensive service available for Audiology in the UK. Whatever your hearing loss is, our dedicated team are here to help, and as a result will be able to advise you clearly on your hearing needs.

The Hearing Clinic UK
Client Testimonials
The Hearing Clinic UK Client Testimonials
  • My wife says I’m too fussy, but the fact is I will only wear something that I really want and I know I have high demands. Between running a business and a busy social life I haven’t got time to put up with hearing aids that underperform at the times I need them most. That’s why my previous aids are sitting in the bedside drawer gathering dust. That, plus the fact that you could see them in my ears put me off wearing them. Now I don’t feel at all self-conscious because I know my new devices are totally invisible and the performance in terms of sound quality is leaps and bounds better than anything I’ve ever experienced. If you have problems with clarity of speech and don’t want to tell the world you are wearing hearing aids there is no better place to go than The Hearing Clinic UK – they managed the impossible with me and I’m extremely grateful for their service. - Jason Keating, Bearsden