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Callum Jackson

Hearing Aid Audiologist

Callum has worked in many different areas in the Audiology sector. Starting out working in Paediatric Audiology at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children Glasgow Callum spent several years working for NHS Greater Glasgow. During this time he spent time in most of the adult hospitals around Glasgow too. From here Callum went on to work for one of the leading Danish hearing aid manufacturers in a clinical and business role.

Callum managed the hearing aid distribution, training and clinical support for Northern UK and Ireland in the NHS and private sectors. A benefit of this being that Callum brings a wealth of behind the scenes knowledge of hearing aid distribution and technology. Callum specialises in premium end hearing aid technology and has helped the clinic develop its market leading clinical processes. When not playing with hearing aids Callum can usually be found in his garage fixing a motorbike or a rusty old car.

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