Local providers of hearing aids are the best

With big advertising campaigns going on all around the country and ‘brand spokesmen’ to tout what they have to offer, many people look at the big high street hearing aid dispensers and say “they must be the best because they have a big marketing budget”, but are soon disappointed.

The reason for this: These behemoth sized companies care most about getting lots of people in their doors then selling their wares in bulk – in bulk you ask? That means that they aren’t tailored specifically to you. Why is that? This article will help explain.

Why local hearing aid providers are the best:

Personal Service

Going with a local, independent hearing provider has many benefits. Firstly, you are often treated like part of the family business with your hearing needs. Staff members will get to know you personally, both from a clinical side and also administratively. And only then; when your provider completely understands you are they able to deliver exactly what you need.

Consultative style approach

When it comes to your health, there is nothing more important than discussing what you need with a qualified expert. Quite often with big companies, they will look at their day like a manufacturing line, often charging just to ask a couple of questions.

We are different. If you feel that your hearing isn’t always at its best, we don’t charge to have a discussion. Look at it this way – is the problem any better after the discussion? No? well then we haven’t earned our keep yet.

Wider range of services available

Many big companies solely focus on the sale of hearing aids. Again, we are different. Our focus is on enriching your life through better hearing whether that means helping you with your annoying tinnitus (ringing in the ear), removing any wax blockages or providing advanced noise protection.

Take a look below at the ‘Which?’ overview on the top providers:


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