Enjoy A Free Hearing Check On UsDavid spent nearly 10 years struggling with his hearing.

At first it wasn’t too bad, just putting the volume up on the TV occasionally, asking people to repeat themselves in noisy environments and sitting nearer the front of the room in work presentations.

But hearing loss is often degenerative and over the years work became increasingly difficult, performance suffered and social situations were becoming unbearable.

Finally, after much cajoling from family and friends David decided to seek help.  He went to his GP who suggested a hearing assessment and a significant level of hearing loss was quickly diagnosed.

In David’s case the only solution open to him was the hearing aid route.  While he wasn’t keen, it was soon clear that he wasn’t limited to cumbersome ‘behind the ear’ devices and the range of options was quite staggering.

After several consultations and a number of trial periods, David make his choice – a pair of ultra discreet devices that worked seamlessly with his phone and tablet.

We asked David how he feels about his hearing aids;

‘Being able to hear again has transformed my life.  I was aware of the fact that I was withdrawing from my social circle and struggling at work.  I can hear the TV, speak to friends and deal with complex meetings even if there’s background noise.  Thanks to my audiologist and the aftercare program, I’ve got a new lease of life’.

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