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Hearing Loss Leave You Isolated

These days we trust more and more of our lives to the internet.  But there are certain things we would rather not leave to cyberspace.

We all expect to have local access to a GP, a dentist, a hospital, even a petrol station.  Without these essential services within easy reach, we can feel isolated, especially as we get older.

This is a particular problem for hearing loss sufferers.  Becoming unable to interact in business and social situations can have a devastating effect on an individual’s mental health.  There is a stigma attached to admitting to a problem and wearing a hearing aid which often leads to people waiting too long to seek help and allowing easily treatable issues to become long term problems.

"Walking out into the street I immediately felt that a huge grey cloud had lifted and I was suddenly in a world full of colour again! It was like I was walking through Barcelona or New York Times Square – the range and clarity was simply fantastic! It felt like I was hearing better than I ever have. Thanks so much!"


Douglas, Giffnock - Glasgow

Book Your Microsuction Ear Wax Removal, FREE hearing test or aftercare online at one of our UK wide Hearing Clinics.

Our microsuction ear wax removal treatment costs £60 for the consultation and removal of wax from one or both ears.

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If you have any of these symptoms – a high temperature, a continuous cough or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste, please do not attend any of our clinical locations

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We are ready to take appointments at our Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling and Bearsden clinics for Emergency Patients.

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Our Giffnock hearing clinic

Provides A wide range of services:

Noise Protection Device and Impressions

Pure Tone Audiometry

Video-Camera Outer Ear Examination

Tympanometry middle ear assessment

Bone Conduction Audiometry inner ear assessment

Speech Discrimination

Speech in Noise Discrimination

BUPA accredited

Medical Legal Assessment

Hearing Device Comparison

At The Hearing Clinic UK we focus on providing unrivalled patients care and understand that feeling of isolation.  That’s why we’ve invested in ensuring patients are able to access our industry leading services in convenient locations throughout central Scotland.

We work closely with a range of other healthcare providers, from Pharmacists to Opticians, to create a network of clinics offering a range of locally accessible hearing services.  In 2016, we launched our Clinical Partnership Scheme designed to further enhance our ability to help hearing loss patients.

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