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Behind the scenes we have been researching and trialing the very latest hearing devices to see which really offer real world improvements in hearing clarity and the results have been amazing to say the least.

Find out how our patients benefit from the latest advancements in hearing clarity and technology:

  • Easily beam sound direct from television, telephone or mobile direct into devices
  • Achieve 275% improvement in speech clarity in noisy situations
  • Take advantage of smaller, lighter and more intelligent hearing devices

Hear sound directly from television, telephone or mobile to your device(s)

Achieve an improvement in speech clarity

Miss less of the conversation

Take advantage of smaller, lighter hearing devices

Enhance your listening experience

Enjoy life more with better hearing clarity


As an extra special promotion we are offering a free wireless accessory valued up to £500 with every hearing device order in the months of September and October.

Take your pick from a range of incredible solutions to enhance your listening experience. 

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Recent Patient Testimonials

Recent Patient Testimonials
  • “I was missing so much on the TV that I had given up watching shows. Particularly when there were accents. The subtitles were making no difference that it was becoming impossible. Since the addition of my new wireless TV streamer I can even follow the news or dialogue in movies when I’m through in the kitchen and the best part is that the rest of the family can keep the TV at their preferred level which has removed the frustration completely. Its been wonderful!” - Mrs Faichney - Killearn
  • “I was somewhat skeptical about these new hearing aids being able to help me hear on my mobile phone especially in a noisy place. However nothing could have prepared me for the difference these new aids have made! It’s incredible, I can easily take a call in the middle of a noisy street and I don’t even have to clamp my phone to my ear anymore. My friends and family think it’s the best thing ever! This has been fantastic from start to finish.” - Mr McArthur - Bothwell