The Hearing Clinic UK Client Dick McFarlane

Hearing Aid Testimonial - Dick

  • Dick has always been very active, but noticed a noticeable deterioration in his hearing.
  • After trying other solutions, including NHS hearing aids he decided to find a reputable, independent hearing clinic.
  • After coming to The Hearing Clinic UK, Dick was fitted with ReSound hearing devices which are completely iPhone compatible and offer superior sound amplification.
  • Dick is very pleased with the results from his ReSound devices, which have allowed him to hear properly again.

The Hearing Clinic UK patient Dick McFarlane has spent years suffering from deteriorating hearing. Being very active, into performing music, and generally enjoying life as he has now retired he noticed the hearing difficulties were starting to mount up.

"I couldn't hear properly what people were saying to me, and when I was playing my new, expensive guitar it sounded terrible to me, which I couldn't quite understand." So Dick decided to do something about the hearing issues he was experiencing.

"I didn't want to be the old guy at the back of the room with the big hearing aids." This aesthetic worry for Dick about what he saw other hearing aid wearers wear worried him. But after coming to our clinic in Glasgow, Dick discovered there are smaller, more technologically advanced hearing devices available today.

"I'm a technical person at heart so it was great for Chris to show me all the facts on the screen. He showed me it was my high frequency hearing that was damaged and it could be amplified so I could hear better."

Dick was fitted with ReSound LiNX hearing devices, which he can also link up to his iPhone, so that he can control the hearing aids to work better in certain, more complex hearing situations.

There are other benefits to his hearing aids too. "Whilst waiting for my consultation today, I was sitting there watching the tennis semi-final on my phone, with the audio going directly to my ears. Thats really cool for me to do!"

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85 year old Mary Buchanan has had her hearing amplified by The Hearing Clinic UK in Glasgow.

Hearing Aid Testimonial - Mary

  • Mary has suffered progressive hearing loss for years. Like many women, she didn't do anything about her hearing loss, and wondered whether there was something that could be done about it.
  • Tried National Health Service hearing aids and while they did make a relatively modest improvement, they didn't amplify the sounds Mary wasn't hearing.
  • After a recommendation by a friend to The Hearing Clinic UK, she had a consultation with one of our specialists.
  • Mary was fitted with Phonak Audeo V90's, that after extensive tuning and audio analysis, have helped her to hear better again.

Mary Buchanan struggled to hear people properly. She found it hard to follow any kind of conversation, hear the television properly or indeed follow what was being said on the television properly.

"I'm wearing hearing aids, one in each ear, because to be in a crowd and not be able to hear is very isolating." Mary did visit an NHS consultant before being recommended to The Hearing Clinic UK. "I did try National Health hearing aids but I wasn't fully satisfied with them. And the National Health only gave me one hearing aid." This solution wasn't the best solution for Mary.

After being recommended to our services by a friend, who was a satisfied customer, Mary was pleased to find out there was a solution for her where both ears could be amplified. "This company decided that they would save my hearing in both ears and gave me two hearing aids."

"I'm so much happier with the hearing aids I've got." Mary was fitted with a pair of Phonak Audeo V90's, which can be customised to the requirements that Mary's hearing loss presented. "I'm a lot happier more confident about going into company, and socialising with friends." Mary has the result she was looking for, and at a price that was affordable too.

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Trevor Herrington Hearing Aid Testimonial

Hearing Aid Testimonial - Trevor

  • Trevor suffered for years with profound hearing issues. Like many people he didn't think there was a solution to his hearing loss.
  • Came to The Hearing Clinic UK, and after a consultation with one of our specialists, was fitted with ReSound hearing devices.
  • Trevor has been astounded by the results of the switch to these devices, which have allowed him to hear properly again.

Trevor Herrington has long wondered why he couldn't hear properly. After living with his hearing loss for a number of years, he decided to try NHS hearing aids. He wasn't satisfied with the results that were being realised, so decided to investigate independent hearing aid dispensers and came across The Hearing Clinic UK.

"I struggled over the past 15 years to cope with hearing loss. So I decided to do something about it." Trevor was paired with one of our most popular hearing products, the ReSound LiNX 9 hearing devices, which work fantastically to specifically amplify the areas of hearing loss Trevor is suffering from.

"It gets you back in the conversation, it allows you to participate with what's going on, you don't feel excluded anymore. And for people in the same situation I was in, get to The Hearing Clinic UK, get your ears tested and get yourself fitted with the devices that suits your needs."

Trevor is very happy with the results from his ReSound devices. They are easy to use, easy to configure and can also be hooked up to an iPhone or similar device to give the user a wider range of functionality to control the hearing devices.

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Buying a hearing device? What are the approximate hearing aid costs?

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The first thing you might want to consider when thinking about hearing aid costs, is that there is a wide variation of styles, technology levels. When considering these important factors you should think about:

  • Your level of hearing loss – are you mildly, severely or profoundly deaf?
  • Integrated technologies – do you want your devices to communicate seamlessly with you mobile phone, television, or other devices?
  • Aftercare program – tune-ups and refitting of devices might be required depending on the type of hearing loss you have.
  • Personal requirements – the type of device, are you looking for a discreet, invisible solution or is an over-the-ear hearing aid good for you?
  • Accessories – these range greatly, and can further boost the usability of your hearing device(s).

Why Consider

The Cost Of A Digital Hearing Aid?

Your Hearing healthcare is of the utmost importance to The Hearing Clinic UK

A recent Which? survey concluded that costs can vary from between £500 and £7000 for a pair of digital hearing aids (current costs can be higher for top of the range systems). When comparing costs from different private retailers is difficult, as most sell packages with varying degrees of aftercare and follow-up services.

You should ensure your audiologist conducts a thorough ear examination and hearing test. This will determine your level of hearing loss and the most appropriate device(s) for your particular condition.

Make use of free trial periods and pay particular attention to how your audiologist proposes to ensure your device(s) are always optimised for maximum performance. It is important for you to have the correct hearing solution for the type of hearing loss you have.

Find out about what hearing loss you could have, with our FREE hearing healthcare check-up.

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Resound Hearing Aid by The Hearing Clinic

Hearing Aid Warranties: What To Look Out For

A Hearing aid packs a huge amount of technology into very small packages.  And while our suppliers manufacture them using high quality materials, they can be relatively fragile and a good care regime is recommended.

For additional peace of mind, a comprehensive warranty provides an extra level of protection for what is often an essential lifeline for the wearer.

Small Hearing Aid by The Hearing ClinicHearing Aids have a finite lifecycle (normally around six years).  Regular cleaning and professional maintenance help to maximise this while ensuring more serious problems are avoided where possible.   But what happens when something does go badly wrong?  Well, here at The Hearing Clinic UK we have heard it all.  From pet chewing incidents and accidental dunking in a fish tank, to simple butter fingers and over inquisitive grandchildren.

Most manufacturers will offer a one year warranty which normally covers loss, damage, and general repairs, however, you should check this is in place before making any purchasing decision.  Once you have determined the scope of the manufacturer’s warranty, you can then make an informed choice as to whether you need the additional cover associated with your retailer’s extended warranty.  In most cases these will provide up to an additional two years’ cover.

All extended warranties will be different and it is important to understand what each includes before deciding if it fits your requirements.  As a minimum it should cover all manufacturer defects (including all internal electronics) as well as offering full repair or replacement in the case of damage resulting from an accident.  In this circumstance your cover should also include provision for a like for like temporary replacement.

Resound Hearing Aid by The Hearing Clinic

The Hearing Clinic UK is a completely independent retailer offering a wide variety of hearing aid solutions from some of the world’s best manufacturers.  Our world-leading rehabilitation programmes include provision for regular tuning and general maintenance of our patients’ hearing devices and we work hard to ensure every patient has a bespoke plan based around their lifestyle.

How To Choose The Best Hearing Care Provider

How To Choose The Best Hearing Care Provider 

Choosing where to have your hearing issue managed is a critical decision.  It’s important to choose the best hearing care provider that you feel most comfortable with while ensuring the products and services they offer provide fit well with your lifestyle.

Most clinics will be offering some type of incentive but there are few vital things you should check before making your decision:

First, check the qualifications and experience of the audiologists employed at the clinic.  Try to ensure they are members of recognised professional bodies such as the Association of Independent Hearing Healthcare Practitioners (AIHHP).

How To Choose The Best Hearing Care Provider Customer service training can sometimes be overlooked – but finding a clinic that places significant importance on providing exceptional customer service is an important consideration.  It helps you to feel comfortable and relaxed about attending appointments and follow ups which help ensure your device(s) is perfectly tuned and optimised to your lifestyle.

Look for an independent hearing care provider.  This way you’ll have the opportunity to try a range of options before finding the one that suits you best.  Some clinics will be tied to a particular manufacturer and while you may enjoy some improvements in your ability to hear, the experience may not be fully optimized for your particular problem.

A comprehensive aftercare program is a good way to ensure your treatment remains on track and is adjusted when required. Regular follow up appointments allow you audiologist to take note of any changes in your hearing and maintenance and cleaning services will keep your equipment in perfect working order.

For more on what The Hearing Clinic UK can provide please call us today on 0333 320 7788.

Why is Background Noise Such a Big Problem?

Why is Background Noise For Hearing Aid Wearers such a Big Problem?

Background noise for Hearing Aid wearers can be their biggest enemy. Many simply couldn’t pick up on it before getting their hearing devices, but when it is there it can be very unwelcome.  Dogs barking, children playing, traffic even other conversations can make one to one situations in public places difficult.

Research in the US suggests that the ears of people with a hearing loss work differently to those with normal hearing when exposed to environments with lots of background noise. In noise the ear works harder to process all the different sounds at once, resulting in the signals to the brain becoming jumbled and the individual not being able to hear any sound clearly.  And it just keeps getting worse – the less the brain picks up on, the harder the ear works and the fewer signals it interprets correctly.

There are, however, a few ways, from the practical (like choosing a restaurant without a loud bar area) to the technical (we’ve listed a few options below), to limit background noise:

Wearing two hearing aids can limit background noise. Your hearing ability is increased, particularly with regard to where sounds are coming from, enabling you to concentrate on the ones you want to, without worrying about the ones you don’t.

Another option is to choose a hearing aid with DSP technology built in. DSP (digital signal processing) works by giving the hearing aid the ability to 'know' the difference between speech and background noise. It turns its own volume down when no one is speaking (when background noise is not interfering) and turns it up again when someone starts to speak. But in a very sophisticated manned the DSP system can understand what is speech and what is not.

Why is Background Noise For Hearing Aid Wearers, Is It Such a Big Problem?Slightly less sophisticated but just as effective in certain situations is a hearing aid with a directional microphone. If the microphone is positioned to ‘hear’ only sounds coming from in front of the wearer – such as when you are having a conversation, or watching TV – then background noise is filtered out. This is the way the human ear hears naturally, twice as well from the front than from the rear.

FM technology is another useful way of diluting the effect of background noise. An FM transmitter works best at picking up sounds close to it, but it isn’t as good at picking up noises from further away. This means that background noise may not be heard if it is far enough away, or at the very least it will be much quieter when compared to someone speaking in close proximity.

The Hearing Clinic UK is a completely independent hearing aid retailer and offers a wide selection of hearing aids from a range of high quality manufacturers.  Our highly qualified team of audiologists spend time ensuring every patient has a solution that works seamlessly with their lifestyle.

For more information or to book an appointment, visit or call us on 0333 320 7788.

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Am I Losing My Hearing?

Hearing loss tends to sneak up on people. Trauma can lead to sudden loss of hearing but for the most part it’s very gradual.

That’s probably why it takes, on average, seven years from when a person first notices hearing loss to when they actually seek treatment. This is why people then wonder, am I loosing my hearing?

Some people have difficulty hearing specific voices in a crowded room. Others have to turn the volume up on the TV, whilst some have difficulty hearing people on the phone. These are all possible signs of a developing problem.  It’s better to get it diagnosed early to ensure treatments and therapies can be designed to manage it most effectively.

Hearing loss can have a devastating impact on a person’s life. Therefore it is important to seek professional help at the earliest possible opportunity.  A great first step is to take an online assessment – 15 simple questions that when answered honestly can provide you and an audiologist with the information required to get the best possible treatment, therapy or solution.

Tests are FREE and take just a few minutes.  You can choose to send your score and contact details directly to our friendly team of highly qualified Audiologists who will contact you to arrange a comprehensive hearing test in our state-of-the-art Sound Lounge. With our expertise, and many years of looking after patients with a variety of hearing loss issues, you will no longer have to worry about losing your hearing, but instead enjoy better, more enriched hearing with The Hearing Clinic UK.

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Remember, your hearing loss could simply be a build-up of wax, easily and painlessly treated with microsuction, but if it is more serious, our treatment and rehabilitation programs will help you manage your problem discreetly and effectively.