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Experiencing hearing loss?  Here’s what to ask your audiologist

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Preparation is the key to ensuring you get the solution you need when experiencing hearing loss.

Before you even see an audiologist, write down the specific problems and worries relating to your hearing.  Think about taking someone along with you for moral support and to help you remember everything you’re told. You might be surprised about the true reasons you are experiencing hearing loss.

Be sure to make a comprehensive list of the medication you are taking – some can effect speech and hearing.

There are many different solutions that can help you with hearing loss. You are not alone, and The Hearing Clinic UK is here to help you improve your hearing.

What kind of questions

Should you ask at a hearing healthcheck appointment?

After your examination and test, ask these important questions:

  • What’s my main problem?
  • What do you recommend I do – what are my options?
  • Why should I go ahead and do it, how will it impact my life?
  • What are the audiologists qualifications and experience? – look for 10 years or more if possible
  • Do they check speech discrimination before and after the fitting?
  • Is your company owned by a hearing aid manufacturer?
  • What are the costs involved and can you break it down?
  • Is there a trial period? – some only go up to 30 – 60 days
  • Is there a warranty and how does it work? Some only go up to 2 or 4 years – look for 5
  • Do you have an aftercare package? – what’s included? Do they offer comprehensive ongoing testing and tuning for the life of the device?
  • Do they offer microsuction earwax removal as an option before thinking about hearing aids?

For more information and independent advice on hearing aids and what will work for you, book an appointment at one of our hearing clinics, or call: 0333 320 7788

For more information and independent advice on hearing aids and what will work for you, book an appointment at one of our hearing clinics, or call: 0333 320 7788


How Can The Hearing Clinic UK Help You?

Common Mistakes when buying Hearing Aids - 1. Not taking the time to do it right

Common Mistakes when buying Hearing Aids - 1. Not taking the time to do it right

This statement seems elementary, but you would be surprised by the amount of people who purchase a hearing aid without undertaking an proper, evidence based assessment and spending time to ensure the hearing aid really is the best match from the options available.

How Can The Hearing Clinic UK Help You?

You know the manoeuvre that many do when shopping for beds? Pushing down on the bed with their hand and expecting the heavens to open and light to shine upon the mattress in some form of affirmation. It’s silly, really. People lying across the bed with feet hanging over the side. 

Sounds silly but a similar thing happens when many people buy a hearing aid – they have them placed in their ears, switched on and asked “how does that sound?” – the answer is normally “wow that’s louder”. Of course it is, but is it actually giving the maximum benefit that it possibly could? Another question is how the hearing aid will perform when there is other noises in the environment such as a car or a restaurant.

Without testing in these conditions the only way to find out would be to wear the aid and report back to the audiologist, and this takes time and energy that could be easily saved.

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Helpful Tips

Ensure the hearing aid specialist understands the environments you have trouble hearing in:

  • Consider the noisy places you go to.
  • Ensure that the hearing aid is verified with soft, moderate and loud speech
  • Ask the hearing aid specialist to perform a speech clarity assessment in quiet and with noise present to ensure your aid will cope when you leave the quiet setup of a clinic room.

Optimising your hearing may take time so ensure you visit a specialist that is happy for you to return for adjustment appointments.

Recent reports suggest the success you get with hearing aids is largely dictated by the expertise of the hearing aid specialist you visit and not the particular hardware you wear on your ears.

A mid-range hearing aid that is well tuned will significantly outperform a top of the range device that has been badly tuned.

Look for specialists that encourage you to test their solutions and give the freedom to take as much time as you like.

  • Does the specialist make you uncomfortable through the consultation process?
  • Are they pushy and feel overpowering?
  • Do they offer demonstration sessions to let you weigh up the benefits of different hearing aids?

If the answers to the questions above are not positive, you should consider the establishment you are in.

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Your Hearing healthcare is of the utmost importance to The Hearing Clinic UK

Are you putting off going to see a hearing specialist?

You are not alone!

On average it takes 10 years for someone with hearing loss to seek help from a hearing specialist.  During that time, the problem is often compounded and finding a solution can become more difficult.

There are over 11 million people in the UK with some form of hearing loss and 900,000 of them are severely or profoundly deaf.  An incredible 70% of over 70s experience hearing difficulties and the figure only reduces to 40% when you look at the over 50s.

Quite simply it is a very common problem.  However, it is a problem that can have a devastating effect on the sufferer’s life.  Studies have linked un-treated hearing loss to a range of complaints including:

  • Fatigue and irritability
  • Increased tension and stress
  • Depression
  • Social isolation
  • Impaired memory
  • Mental health issues

These problems can be avoided by seeking help early and speaking to real experts in the field.

For a FREE hearing assessment and an opportunity to talk to our expert audiologists, please call our friendly team on 0333 320 7788 or contact us directly for a FREE consultation.

The Hearing Clinic UK's New Glasgow Clinic - is now Open

Work has been completed on our new clinical location at First Floor, 24 St. Vincent Place and we are delighted to announce that The Hearing Clinic UK’s flagship Glasgow location is now fully open.

This ambitious project, which has the aim to provide the best clinical audiology environment in the UK; has been achieved. The first customers that have visited and experienced our new clinical location in Glasgow have been impressed with the new facilities.

Our New SoundLounge (thanks to our unique partnership with Linn HiFi) provides the best facility to see how your hearing devices can work, and for us to optimise your hearing experience. We invite you to come and experience this unique facility.

Managing director Chris Stone said: “We are extremely excited to unveil our new clinical location in Glasgow. This new world class clinical location will provide our patients with the very best treatment options for their hearing.

This is a real milestone in the growth of The Hearing Clinic UK and will be used as a training centre for our new business partners as we help grow the business out from central Scotland across the UK.”

The Hearing Clinic UK - Glasgow

First floor,
24 St Vincent Place,
Glasgow, G1 2EU

Clinic Phone Number

0333 320 7788

Development of our new state of the art hearing clinic in Glasgow

Work has commenced on our most ambitious project yet! We are developing the largest hearing clinic of its type in Scotland. Located just off George Square in Glasgow with Investment of over £250,000, our flagship Clinic will be kitted out with the World’s finest sound systems courtesy of our unique partnership with Linn HiFi.

With a purpose build sound experience room, 6 clinical rooms, large reception area, call centre and board room this will be a one of a kind space for hearing healthcare.

Managing director Chris Stone said: “We are extremely excited by this new development and what it will mean to the patients we can serve. It’s going to be truly world class! This is a real milestone in the growth of The Hearing Clinic UK and will be used as a training centre for our new business partners as we help grow the business out from central Scotland across the UK. We can’t wait till the grand opening in Jan 2018.”

Phonak Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Phonak Rechargeable Hearing AidsNew advances in technology come along all the time, and with the latest hearing aid from Phonak, rechargeable devices are now available at The Hearing Clinic UK. Building on the success of previous high quality digital hearing aids, Phonak has made significant updates to Belong’s technology to deliver the best sound in background noise.

Plus, they’ve added all of Belong’s new features into a rechargeable hearing aid option too, giving you the flexibility to choose the model that’s right for you!

You already charge your portable devices, included your mobile phone, toothbrush, or even your watch. So why should your hearing aids be any different? The Belong range not only provides you with the very latest technology, you also have the option of choosing a rechargeable model at three of the performance levels: the B50, B70 and the B90 models.

Rest assured, which ever model you choose, you’ll not only hear better but you’ll feel better too, knowing your hearing aids are amongst the most technologically advanced and supporting you to hear at your best.

Technology – Changing the Face of Audiology

What to look out for when buying a hearing aid from the High Street

Not every hearing aid retailer is the same!

It’s crucial you choose a reputable organisation when buying a hearing aid. A clinical practice with experienced, professional audiologists will normally ensure you get value for money.

It can take time and patience to ensure you get the right fit. With this in mind, if your retailer doesn’t conduct a full examination and test, you’re probably in the wrong place.

Technology – Changing the Face of Audiology

Look carefully at the package your retailer is offering.  Your hearing aid will need regular adjustments as your brain begins to get used to the assistance being provided.  Often the aftercare package is as important as the hearing aid itself. Make sure you take advantage of any comprehensive aftercare program is in place.

Go independent.  Some retailers are ‘tied’ to certain brands so may have to try to sell you something that doesn’t quite address your particular problem.

For more information and independent advice on hearing aids and what will work for you, book an appointment at one of our hearing clinics, or call: 0333 320 7788