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SOUND - It’s beautiful. Powerful. Magical. And we make it better.We go to extremes to pursue sound perfection. When you hear the results, you’ll understand why. Find out how our patients are now benefiting from the most recent developments which include:
  • Up to 29% better speech recognition in noisy environments
  • Up to 35% reduction in size making devices very discreet
  • Clarity and comfort like never before
  • Fully rechargeable solutions so you never need to change batteries again
  • iPhone and Android compatibility to enhance your listening experience
 Experience for yourself exactly what the latest systems can do. Visit one of our leading centres and one of the UK’s foremost precision Audiologists will walk you through just what makes them so special.

Hearing Solutions Designed To Fit Your Life:

The Hearing Clinic Soundbooth Audio Test with Client
Lyric, The Worlds Most Invisible And Convenient Hearing Solution
Platinum Devices - The Smartest and Most Natural Sounding Hearing Devices
Premium - Excellent Sound Quality Even in Noisy Sound Environments
Advanced Devices - Providing Automatic Volume Adjustment and Noise Control
Intermediate Devices - Good Hearing Improvement For Outdoor And Small Group Conversation
Entry Level Devices - Basic Hearing Amplification For Home Use And One One One Conversations
No Hearing Amplification For Hearing Loss

One of the biggest questions we are asked, is why choose a private hearing aid clinic? Research has found that selecting the best provider may be the single most important factor in your journey to better hearing.

Audiology is a science which over the years has benefited from extensive research. The output from all this research gives our Audiologists a roadmap for best practice which we follow in our clinics.

Unfortunately this best practice is not always followed in our profession. Corners are often cut to meet efficiency, through lack of training, lack of experience or lack of motivation.

This means that millions of people are walking around without gaining the maximum from their hearing solution.

Research shows that best results come from fitting hearing aids using Real Ear Probe Microphone Technology – this is the gold standard and one which we meet in each of our world class hearing clinics. Even going further to include full Bose surround sound systems which replicate your most challenging environments.

We guarantee that your hearing aids will be fitted to your exact needs and back this up with our industry leading risk free guarantee – offering you 100 days to make sure they are perfect for you.

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What Services

Does The Hearing Clinic UK Offer?

  • Microsuction Ear Wax Removal
  • Noise Protection Device and Impressions
  • Free Hearing Checks
  • Diagnostic Hearing Assessment
  • Pure Tone Audiometry
  • Video-Camera Outer Ear Examination
  • Tympanometry middle ear assessment
  • Bone Conduction Audiometry inner ear assessment
  • Speech Discrimination 
  • Speech in Noise Discrimination
  • BUPA accredited
  • Medical Legal Assessment
  • Hearing Device Fitting and Tuning
  • Exclusive Sound Lounge Experience powered by Bose
  • Visible Speech Mapping
  • Hearing Device Comparison
  • Hearing Device Repair and Loan
  • The UK’s Largest Range of Hearing Devices
  • Flexible Payment Options Available

Come to our clinic today to experience the best, and most comprehensive service available for Audiology in the UK. Whatever you hearing requirements are, our dedicated team are here to help, and will be able to advise you on your hearing needs.

Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

Ear Wax Microsuction is the safest, most effective way of cleaning wax build up. The procedure uses a sophisticated microscope which provides a magnified light source enabling for the delicate removal of obstructions to the ear.

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Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids

Today's advanced hearing aids are highly sophisticated devices delivering an array of innovative features, giving you the best, most precise and natural hearing experience available at any hearing clinic in Scotland.

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The Lyric Hearing Aid

Often referred to as ‘the contact lens for the ear’, the Lyric is fitted deep inside the ear canal and is worn comfortably 24 hours a day, for months at a time. The Lyric invisible hearing aid is entirely invisible to the naked eye, and can be worn whilst showering, exercising and sleeping.

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The Sound Lounge Key Image

The Sound Lounge

Discover the latest innovation at The Hearing Clinic UK, the Sound Lounge, where we can accurately map your hearing requirements, and show you exactly what your new audio devices can do.

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The Hearing Clinic UK

Client Testimonials

The Hearing Clinic UK Client Testimonials
  • My wife says I’m too fussy, but the fact is I will only wear something that I really want and I know I have high demands. Between running a business and a busy social life I haven’t got time to put up with hearing aids that underperform at the times I need them most. That’s why my previous aids are sitting in the bedside drawer gathering dust. That, plus the fact that you could see them in my ears put me off wearing them. Now I don’t feel at all self-conscious because I know my new devices are totally invisible and the performance in terms of sound quality is leaps and bounds better than anything I’ve ever experienced. If you have problems with clarity of speech and don’t want to tell the world you are wearing hearing aids there is no better place to go than The Hearing Clinic UK – they managed the impossible with me and I’m extremely grateful for their service. - Jason Keating, Bearsden

Our Clients Are Important To Us

The Hearing Clinic UK aims to offer the best solutions for all types of hearing impairments. We encourage our clients to provide us with honest feedback about the services we offer. We were pleased to publish real client testimonials from our our clinics right across Scotland.

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