Development of our new state of the art hearing clinic in Glasgow

Work has commenced on our most ambitious project yet! We are developing the largest hearing clinic of its type in Scotland. Located just off George Square in Glasgow with Investment of over £250,000, our flagship Clinic will be kitted out with the World’s finest sound systems courtesy of our unique partnership with Linn HiFi.

With a purpose build sound experience room, 6 clinical rooms, large reception area, call centre and board room this will be a one of a kind space for hearing healthcare.

Managing director Chris Stone said: “We are extremely excited by this new development and what it will mean to the patients we can serve. It’s going to be truly world class! This is a real milestone in the growth of The Hearing Clinic UK and will be used as a training centre for our new business partners as we help grow the business out from central Scotland across the UK. We can’t wait till the grand opening in Jan 2018.”

Phonak Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Phonak Rechargeable Hearing AidsNew advances in technology come along all the time, and with the latest hearing aid from Phonak, rechargeable devices are now available at The Hearing Clinic UK. Building on the success of previous high quality digital hearing aids, Phonak has made significant updates to Belong’s technology to deliver the best sound in background noise.

Plus, they’ve added all of Belong’s new features into a rechargeable hearing aid option too, giving you the flexibility to choose the model that’s right for you!

You already charge your portable devices, included your mobile phone, toothbrush, or even your watch. So why should your hearing aids be any different? The Belong range not only provides you with the very latest technology, you also have the option of choosing a rechargeable model at three of the performance levels: the B50, B70 and the B90 models.

Rest assured, which ever model you choose, you’ll not only hear better but you’ll feel better too, knowing your hearing aids are amongst the most technologically advanced and supporting you to hear at your best.

The Hearing Clinic UK Client Dick McFarlane

Hearing Aid Testimonial - Dick

  • Dick has always been very active, but noticed a noticeable deterioration in his hearing.
  • After trying other solutions, including NHS hearing aids he decided to find a reputable, independent hearing clinic.
  • After coming to The Hearing Clinic UK, Dick was fitted with ReSound hearing devices which are completely iPhone compatible and offer superior sound amplification.
  • Dick is very pleased with the results from his ReSound devices, which have allowed him to hear properly again.

The Hearing Clinic UK patient Dick McFarlane has spent years suffering from deteriorating hearing. Being very active, into performing music, and generally enjoying life as he has now retired he noticed the hearing difficulties were starting to mount up.

"I couldn't hear properly what people were saying to me, and when I was playing my new, expensive guitar it sounded terrible to me, which I couldn't quite understand." So Dick decided to do something about the hearing issues he was experiencing.

"I didn't want to be the old guy at the back of the room with the big hearing aids." This aesthetic worry for Dick about what he saw other hearing aid wearers wear worried him. But after coming to our clinic in Glasgow, Dick discovered there are smaller, more technologically advanced hearing devices available today.

"I'm a technical person at heart so it was great for Chris to show me all the facts on the screen. He showed me it was my high frequency hearing that was damaged and it could be amplified so I could hear better."

Dick was fitted with ReSound LiNX hearing devices, which he can also link up to his iPhone, so that he can control the hearing aids to work better in certain, more complex hearing situations.

There are other benefits to his hearing aids too. "Whilst waiting for my consultation today, I was sitting there watching the tennis semi-final on my phone, with the audio going directly to my ears. Thats really cool for me to do!"

85 year old Mary Buchanan has had her hearing amplified by The Hearing Clinic UK in Glasgow.

Hearing Aid Testimonial - Mary

  • Mary has suffered progressive hearing loss for years. Like many women, she didn't do anything about her hearing loss, and wondered whether there was something that could be done about it.
  • Tried National Health Service hearing aids and while they did make a relatively modest improvement, they didn't amplify the sounds Mary wasn't hearing.
  • After a recommendation by a friend to The Hearing Clinic UK, she had a consultation with one of our specialists.
  • Mary was fitted with Phonak Audeo V90's, that after extensive tuning and audio analysis, have helped her to hear better again.

Mary Buchanan struggled to hear people properly. She found it hard to follow any kind of conversation, hear the television properly or indeed follow what was being said on the television properly.

"I'm wearing hearing aids, one in each ear, because to be in a crowd and not be able to hear is very isolating." Mary did visit an NHS consultant before being recommended to The Hearing Clinic UK. "I did try National Health hearing aids but I wasn't fully satisfied with them. And the National Health only gave me one hearing aid." This solution wasn't the best solution for Mary.

After being recommended to our services by a friend, who was a satisfied customer, Mary was pleased to find out there was a solution for her where both ears could be amplified. "This company decided that they would save my hearing in both ears and gave me two hearing aids."

"I'm so much happier with the hearing aids I've got." Mary was fitted with a pair of Phonak Audeo V90's, which can be customised to the requirements that Mary's hearing loss presented. "I'm a lot happier more confident about going into company, and socialising with friends." Mary has the result she was looking for, and at a price that was affordable too.

Trevor Herrington Hearing Aid Testimonial

Hearing Aid Testimonial - Trevor

  • Trevor suffered for years with profound hearing issues. Like many people he didn't think there was a solution to his hearing loss.
  • Came to The Hearing Clinic UK, and after a consultation with one of our specialists, was fitted with ReSound hearing devices.
  • Trevor has been astounded by the results of the switch to these devices, which have allowed him to hear properly again.

Trevor Herrington has long wondered why he couldn't hear properly. After living with his hearing loss for a number of years, he decided to try NHS hearing aids. He wasn't satisfied with the results that were being realised, so decided to investigate independent hearing aid dispensers and came across The Hearing Clinic UK.

"I struggled over the past 15 years to cope with hearing loss. So I decided to do something about it." Trevor was paired with one of our most popular hearing products, the ReSound LiNX 9 hearing devices, which work fantastically to specifically amplify the areas of hearing loss Trevor is suffering from.

"It gets you back in the conversation, it allows you to participate with what's going on, you don't feel excluded anymore. And for people in the same situation I was in, get to The Hearing Clinic UK, get your ears tested and get yourself fitted with the devices that suits your needs."

Trevor is very happy with the results from his ReSound devices. They are easy to use, easy to configure and can also be hooked up to an iPhone or similar device to give the user a wider range of functionality to control the hearing devices.